COMPAQ 146993-001 ISA SCSI CONTROLLER CARD (146993001)

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Model: 146993-001
Manufactured by: COMPAQ
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Return for Replacement: 1 Year
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1 Unit
Condition: New
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Harness the power of Ultra SCSI and improve your productivity. SCSI moves information between your computer and peripherals much faster than with standard interfaces. With this SCSI Card, your computer can talk to several peripherals at once, performing multiple tasks simultaneously - a great time saver. COMPAQ SCSI Cards are tested with hundreds of computer systems and peripherals to ensure the widest possible support now, and in the future. Since peripheral manufacturers design to COMPAQ products, you can count on broad compatibility.The 146993-001 32-bit ISA to Ultra SCSI adapter supports 7 SCSI devices, with 20 MB per second throughput. It provides an internal 50-pin connector, and an external 50-pin high-density connector

  • System Requirements Microsoft Windows 3.x/95/98, Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 or later, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional , Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition, Microsoft DOS 6.0 or later
  • Max Storage Devices Qty 7
  • Channel Qty 1
  • Supported Devices Hard drive, tape drive, removable media drive, CD drive, DVD drive, scanner
  • Data Transfer Rate 20 MBps
  • Controller Interface Type Ultra SCSI
  • Interface(s) Required ISA
  • External Connectors: HD50(50-pin High Density)
  • Internal Connectors: 50-pin, flat cable
  • Device Type Storage controller - SCSI - plug-in card

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