COMPAQ 199704-001 DLT CLEANING CARTRIDGE 1PK ( 199704001 )

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Model: 199704-001
Manufactured by: COMPAQ
Return for Refund: 15 Days

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What's the cost if your data disappears? When you can't afford to lose the data that drives your business, store it on Compaq's media. Extensively tested, Compaq media delivers quality, compatibility, and data integrity today - and for years to come. Compaq protects your business data against corruption or loss with the most exhaustive testing and debugging in the industry. Compaq offers cleaning media products that allow you to better protect your equipment and data.

  • Manufactured by:COMPAQ
  • Model/Part :199704-001
  • Type Cleaning cartridge - DLT
  • Media Included Qty 1

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