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Model: EW10HUB
Manufactured by: LINKSYS
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Ethernet's 10-Port Workgroup Hub is just the ticket for transforming your computers into a high performance workgroup! Imagine sharing files, printers, multimedia, and more at speeds of up to 10 million bits per second! Nine 10BaseT ports and one BNC thin coax port make the installation easy--just connect a thin coax or 10BaseT cable between the hub and each of your computers and go! Built-in error detection automatically protects the integrity of your data. 21 "smart" LEDs instantly reveal your network's line status, data traffic levels, and link states, making troubleshooting easier than ever. Built for rapid expansion, the Workgroup Hub includes both 10BaseT and thin coax uplink ports, allowing you to connect multiple hubs together for virtually unlimited growth. Ready to run right out of the box with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows for Workgroups, NetWare, LANtastic, UNIX, OS/2 Warp, and more, the Ethernet 10-Port Workgroup Hub is the easiest and most powerful way to connect your PCs together.

  • Manufactured by:LINKSYS
  • Model/Part #:EW10HUB
  • Device Type Hub - 9 ports
  • Enclosure Type Desktop
  • Ports 9 x 10Base-T
  • Compliant Standards IEEE 802.3
  • Interfaces 9 x 10Base-T - RJ-45 - 9 1 x 10Base-2 - BNC - 1
  • Width 7.7 in
  • Depth 4.1 in
  • Height 0.9 in

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