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Model: SDT-10000
Manufactured by: SONY
Return for Refund: 15 Days
Return for Replacement: 1 Year

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Based on the latest DDS-4 technology, Sony's SDT-10000 internal drive provides 20 to 40GB capacity and a sustained data transfer rate of 4.8MB per second with data compression. This fast transfer rate means that you can back up 1GB of data in less than 4 minutes! The SDT-10000 provides an average access time of less than 55 seconds and a huge 10MB buffer for faster data streaming and compression. It is backward compatible with DDS-1, DDS-2, and DDS-3 cartridges to protect your investments in previous generation media. The SDT-10000 has several features to improve its reliability. The drive incorporates Sony's unique Hyper Metal head, which reduces error rates by up to 10 times compared to the ferrite Metal-In-Gap heads used in earlier DDS drives. It features Sony's patented Super Head Cleaner Mechanism, which automatically cleans the read/write heads after every 15 minutes of use to remove contamination - the greatest cause of tape drive failures. Its Super Air Flow Environment directs external airflow outside the drive and vents the tape path area to prevent dust and promote cooling. Finally, the SDT-10000 uses read after write data verification and roller tape path guides to reduce tape wear.

  • Manufactured by:SONY
  • Model/Part #:SDT-10000
  • Device Type Tape drive - DAT
  • Recording Standard DDS-4
  • Enclosure Type Internal
  • Interface Type SCSI
  • Enclosure Color White
  • Type DAT - 5.25" x 1/2H
  • Capacity 20 GB (native) / 40 GB (compressed)
  • Supported Tape Cartridges (Read and Write) DDS-4
  • Recording Standard DDS-4
  • Data Transfer Rate (native) 2.4 MBps ( 8.44 GBph )
  • Data Transfer Rate (compressed) 4.8 MBps ( 16.9 GBph )
  • Average Seek / Access Time 55 sec
  • Buffer Size 8 MB
  • Compatible Bays 1 x front accessible - 3.5" x 1/2H 1 x front accessible - 5.25" x 1/2H
  • Width 4 in
  • Depth 5.7 in
  • Height 1.6 in

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